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FEARED by Dripset Labs – DV Brands

FEARED by Dripset Labs

by Daddy's Vapor on December 03, 2019


The fear of tasting nothing is a fear that most vapers are intimately familiar with. That dark cloud of fear plagues you when you get your hands on a new flavor - one that you are looking forward to enjoying, only to take a few hits and then realize within your first few inhales that you taste absolutely nothing. Needless to say, it is a very disappointing and frightful feeling. However, that very same fear can be a great motivator when it is approached with the right mindset.

The mixologists from Dripset Labs also share the flavorless fear, and it is a fright that has driven them to consistently create outstanding flavors that push the boundaries of possibility. They want you to taste the countless hours of research and dedication that have gone into their unique flavor blends. 

If you need proof of their commitment to flavor, look no further than DNA, another flavor line from the creative minds behind Dripset Labs. The amazing flavors within the DNA product line are a testament to just how much time and care they take to get their flavors right before vapers enjoy them. Fueled by the common fear of tasting nothing, the team of master mixologists from Dripset Labs retreated once again and hunkered down to set their minds on crafting a set of flavors that would dispel this fear and restore flavor to vapers everywhere. 

FEARED was born to quell the insurmountable fear that comes over you when you peer through a dark keyhole - not being able to see anything before you, or anything behind you, a fear that sets in when you can’t tell what lies ahead of you. To fight this fear the mixologists of Dripset Labs created a delicious and sumptuous flavor line with the core aim of abating your personal fear of tasting nothing. 

Now, more than ever, vapers live in constant fear when it comes to flavors, and with flavor bans springing up in multiple states all over the country, some vapers fear that they will have to return to the bitter taste that comes with tobacco. However, Dripset Labs kept this in mind when crafting FEARED. It is a flavor line that takes the bitterness out of tobacco, and gives it a fresh, and exciting taste. These flavors are infused with the rich, bold, and exciting elements of tobacco and they are unlike anything you have ever tasted. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, and that fear itself has been replaced with the bold flavors of FEARED. Fear is now a thing of the past, and FEARED by Dripset Labs, is a flavor of the present. 

FEARED - Tobacco

The result is a tobacco flavor like no other. With a sweet, bold, rich, and smooth inhale, FEARED Tobacco is an intimate journey into the layers of sun-cured tobacco flavor. Allow your palate to wallow in a part of tobacco that you have never known, as you enjoy the light-bodied hints and sweet aroma that this e-liquid has to offer. FEARED Tobacco is a bold step into a territory that most would consider unknown, but the mixologists of Dripset Labs have studied the intricate depths of tobacco in order to bring you a flavor that delivers with every single inhale. Most vapers are apprehensive when it comes to tobacco flavors, and for good reason. Vaping has helped a lot of people quit the habit of smoking combustible cigarettes, and the bitter dry taste of cigarettes is something that vapers wish to leave behind. This is often why tobacco flavors get a bad rap. However, Dripset Labs dove deep into the endlessly complex layers of tobacco and extracted the flavors that showed promise, while simultaneously doing away with every element that had no purpose.

FEARED - Menthol Tobacco

This is a flavor that builds on the sweet, bold, light-bodied blend of FEARED tobacco. It is enhanced by the addition of menthol. Each of these elements complement each other in the best possible way and they work together to bring out hints of flavor that would not be apparent if they stood on their own. In a bid to doubly ensure that you never have to live with the fear of tasting nothing, Dripset brought together two flavors that pack a pleasant punch and delivered them in a singular exciting blend. 

Dive deep into the unknown with FEARED menthol tobacco, and emerge on the other side. The world of icy flavor that awaits you in this e-liquid blend is absolutely outstanding. The layers of tobacco come alive when paired with menthol, and they dance lightly across your palate to deliver a smooth inhale that is free of the traces of bitterness and dryness associated with the taste of classic tobacco. 

FEARED - Custard Tobacco

When tobacco is cured properly and handled with an expert touch, it tends to unravel to reveal layers of sweet delicious flavor that many have overlooked. It comes as no surprise that the mixologists of Dripset Labs were able to dive deeply enough into tobacco and resurface with a flavor that redefines the elements of classic tobacco. FEARED custard tobacco is a rich blend of mild-bodied tobacco that is accentuated by the addition of light layer of cream that works to round out the notes of flavor present in every exhale.

Tobacco is a flavor that is meant to be enjoyed, but up until now it has been hard to do, with most vapers not being able to taste anything at all, or having their faith rewarded with dry and bitter vape blends. Dripset Labs casts those fears aside by delivering top notch tobacco flavors that are the pinnacle of flavor excellence. Take a peek into the intricate layers of Custard Tobacco, and you will not be disappointed.



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