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The Taste of Being a Winner! – DV Brands

The Taste of Being a Winner!

by Age Checker on February 25, 2020

Dripset Distribution’s DNA brand is world-renowned for its artful combination of flavors. Its line of hybrid flavors is like no other, and has set the brand apart from its competitors. 

It’s no surprise that the vaping community has given two DNA flavors with distinguished awards that celebrate the craftsmanship and high-quality juice found in each DNA bottle. 

Thank you to everyone who has made DNA Key Lime Crumble and DNA Pompaya winners.

DNA Key Lime Crumble - The Vaper Expo UK Best Show Dessert Flavor of 2020

Our master mixologist looked to the detailed components and elements of the most sublime key lime pie to craft a layered taste blend that can bring out the sweetest notes of a flavor that you already know and love. Dive into the creamy goodness of this delectable and tart key lime pie flavor that is subtly woven with the richest notes of graham cracker and blended specifically for your vape.




DNA Pompaya - Vape Authority Best Fruit E-Juices of 2020

A worldwide fan favorite, the full notes of juicy pomegranate and rich papaya are carefully pulled apart and pieced back together to bring this unique e-liquid that captures the refreshing tastes of two distinct yet exotic fruits. Mildly sweet but still refreshing, the balance is achieved by our passionate mixologists who worked to perfect a unique flavor like no other.





DNA Key Lime Crumble and DNA Pompaya are also available in Salt.



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